Here’s hoping that signs of spring and a few days of nicer weather find you feeling a bit more hopeful and energized.  Yes, I did see it snow over the weekend, but I am trying so hard to look on the bright side now and then. 

I am starting to realize that it probably will not be wise to plan on returning to PDS before the school year technically ends.  That being said, I will continue to hold on to the possibility that we will be able to gather our classes together towards the end of June or beginning of July for some outdoor blocks of time in order to celebrate and find closure for the time we did have together this school year. 

New Owners

As you know, as of July 1st Dolly and AJ Kavanaugh are still on track for becoming the new owners of Pejepscot Day School, so perhaps we can celebrate endings and beginnings at the same time. 

Articles to Check Out

By the way, here is a link to one of the best article/explanations we have found relating to safe practices for Corona Virus prevention,

Here’s another link for parents: article “Coping With Challenging Behavior during Challenging Times” by Jennifer Fiechtner.


This week our packets will focus on the ocean and beach. 

One wonderful link for a storytelling activity as well as  some ocean-themed books for grades K-2 is 

Look up “Storytelling Sea Shells” and/or a couple of other links like these:

  • – alphabet scavenger hunt, spray bottle alphabet game, rainbow salt writing trays, Fishing Game for Kids
  • – the New England Aquarium offers some virtual visits
  • – A fun Cupcake Liner Craft