A Safe, Consistent, Nurturing, and Interesting Environment


Our philosophy is based on the premise that all children can and will learn through experience and increased confidence.  By providing an environment that is safe, consistent, nurturing, and interesting, children will become independent learners involved in the world around them. As teachers, we strive to provide an environment that will help children develop new interests and become self-reliant.  Through our schedule and classroom materials we encourage children to take risks with new tasks as well as to become more proficient in familiar activities.  We hope that through modeling by the teachers, as well as through practice, children will learn to solve problems in the classroom, as well as to advocate for themselves.

Exceptional Children


All children at the preschool level have something “exceptional” about them, and we are pleased to work closely with any family receiving support services from outside agencies. We believe that it is imperative to work closely with every family since they are the first and most important teachers/coaches for their children.