On this page, parents can find answers to the following frequently asked questions…

  • What is Pejepscot Day School’s behavior policy?
  • What immunization requirements does Pejepscot Day School have?
  • What do I do if my child is sick?
  • What if my child needs medication during the day?
  • What kinds of snack will my child be having?
  • What about food allergies?
  • How do I sign my child in and out during the day?
  • What goes into my child’s backpack?
  • How can I get involved at Pejepscot Day School?
  • How do I know if school is cancelled due to snow or storm?
  • How do I make tuition payments?


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We believe that children’s behavior serves as communication for them. Much of their behavior is a function of typical development and often a lack of experience or language skills.  Sometimes a child’s behavior can be indicative of other issues and needs.  As teachers at Pejepscot Day School it is our responsibility to monitor social situations so that we can facilitate children in their experiences before the experiences become negative.  By “coaching” children in their behavioral skills and avoiding negative situations, most children will acquire proficiency in school behavior within a few months.  For those children who for one reason or another do not learn age-appropriate behavior skills, more analysis of their behavior must be made, including convening with parents and developing a behavior plan. Typical ways for dealing with behavior problems at Pejepscot Day School will include: verbal explanation, distraction, re-direction, consistency and logical consequences. The staff will remain calm and respectful at all times to all children.


All children upon entering Pejepscot Day School must present immunization records, or a signed letter stating why a particular child is not up to date with these immunizations.  Children with specialized medical conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, epilepsy, etc. are always welcome at our school as long as it is deemed possible by parents, physicians, and staff that our program can meet their needs. We do not have a nurse on hand at our site, so if we need to have specific training about a child’s condition by outside professionals, this would be the parent’s responsibility to arrange.

Almost all children will have many colds during their preschool years. We will help children learn to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and how to blow or wipe their nose and wash their hands.  However, if a child is coughing constantly due to an illness it is recommended that he/she stay home so as not to spread the germs to other children and the environment. Also, stomach viruses spread very quickly, so if your daughter/son has a stomach issue going on upon waking in the morning, she/he should not attend school that day. Likewise, a fever the night before usually means that the child will not be functioning well that day, so an extra day is recommended until the child is free from fever for 24 hours. There are other contagious conditions, such as conjunctivitis, which can pass easily from child to child, so please check with your child’s doctor for a recommendation of whether your child should attend school. If your child has any medical infection requiring antibiotics, it is a good idea at the time of the doctor visit to ask when the child can return to school without the possibility of infecting the other children.

We would very much appreciate a call if your child is not coming to school that day.

Pejepscot Day School closes school due to inclement weather when S.A.D. #75 closes. If in doubt, there should be a message on the school’s answering machine (725-1229). We will also put a message up on Pejepscot Day School’s Facebook page.
If we need to cancel for a reason unique to the school, we will make phone calls to each family.


We can only dispense medication to your child with a consent form signed by you (the parent or legal guardian). Medications must be given to us to keep in a childproof location, and it must be in an original container with the prescription from the pharmacy on the label.


We are very pleased to be working and playing with your child at Pejepscot Day School. There are some simple practices that will make daily life at preschool safe, organized and more fun. One of these procedures is that there is a sign in/out sheet for when you drop your child off or pick him/her up at school.  This is the method we use for keeping attendance as well as making sure that each child is accounted for at the end of the day. Only those people named on the “emergency card” will be allowed to pick your child up from school. If a person needs to pick your child up and that person is not named on the “emergency card,” then we need a written note that is dated and signed by you.

Another request we have is that each child comes to school with a bag or backpack clearly marked with her/his name. In this backpack we suggest you include a complete set of extra clothing (including socks and underwear). This allows your child to have personal items to put on if clothing becomes wet or dirty. These items in the backpack should also be labeled with your child’s name. It is also helpful to have rain boots for the wetter weather of the fall and spring, but please also send inside shoes in the backpack. We like children to keep shoes on at preschool because our floor is often wet or dirty, and we also practice fire drills. Boots also need to be labeled.  Please make sure that your child wears clothes to school that you are not worried about. We make every effort to give your child a smock for messy activities, but much of what we do every day can leave some hint of what we did. All of our art materials are labeled “washable,” but that does not always mean that it will totally come out of every type of material.

We will provide a daily snack for your child. We try to expose the children to different types of snacks and we encourage them to “take one bite,” but we never will make it mandatory that they eat the snack. We will offer one alternative such as crackers or pretzels for those who do not wish to eat what is being offered. If your child has dietary restraints or food allergies we will need to work together to make sure that snack is suitable and safe for him/her. In the case of an allergy, we will ask you to read the ingredients every school day and sign that it is safe for your child.

If you would like to bring in a snack for your child’s birthday, you are welcome to do so. We ask that you try to let us know a week ahead of time so that we can plan our snacks accordingly and also make sure we have alternatives for those with food allergies.

Children are encouraged to leave toys from home in their backpacks. If a child brings a toy to school, it must be appropriate for the school setting. A child must be willing to share the toy or it should be put away. It is usually easier for parents to encourage their child to leave toys at home or in the car since this is typically the way the kindergarten will be.

An adult must accompany all children into the parking lot at any time of the day. It is preferred that the adult picking a child up hold the child’s hand until the child gets into the car. The drivers, especially in vans and SUVs, cannot see children this age through any of the mirrors.


Pejepscot Day School closely follows the local public school calendar.  A printed calendar is provided to each family in August and is always available on our website throughout the school year.

Pejepscot Day School will cancel school only on days when S.A.D. #75 cancels school due to storm/snow

Class schedules are listed separately on the website under OUR PROGRAMS.


Tuition payments are spread over ten (10) months throughout the school year, from September through June. A tuition deposit equal to one-half of one monthly tuition payment is required upon enrollment of your child.  The tuition deposit is non-refundable, but can be applied towards your child’s last monthly tuition payment for children who withdraw during the school year. For students enrolled for the entire school year, the tuition deposit amount is applied towards their June tuition payment, making the balance due for June equal to one-half the normal amount.

Tuition payments for September though May are due by the 10th of the month. The June tuition payment is due June 1st. Tuition payments can be dropped off at the school in the payment “box”. If paying by personal check, be sure to write your child’s name on the memo line of the check to ensure that your child’s account is properly credited. If paying by cash, please place the cash in a sealed envelope with your child’s name clearly written on the outside.

Alternate payment schedules can be arranged in advance as needed.  Tuition accounts that are three months delinquent will cause the child to be un-enrolled and their space will be offered to those children on the waiting list.

A one-time application fee is collected from any student applying to Pejepscot Day School. This application fee is to cover clerical costs incurred in enrolling the student. Those students applying for enrollment in filled sections will be charged the application fee in order to be placed on the waiting list. Any enrolled student who is returning to Pejepscot Day School will have their application fee waived.

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