I am hoping that you are finding things for your preschoolers to do during the day.  I believe that many people feel it is helpful to make a schedule for the day which might include; a bit of structured time, some independent play time, time for outdoor play, reading time, maybe some music, and perhaps a quiet time for all.  I would be happy to help with individual schedules if that could be useful.  I would also appreciate your emailing/messaging me to let me know if there are other things we can offer suggestions with in order to make this time a bit easier. 

Some ideas for this coming week would be:

  • Building shapes and letters with legos, blocks, toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, or straws
  • Playing memory games with pictures or playing cards- use 10 sets for beginners and cards can be facing up or down
  • Playing the old game of “war” (or whatever else you’d like to call it) for kids who understand the value of the numbers – each person puts down a card and the highest number takes the pair
  • There are many children’s authors who are reading stories on Facebook (Eric Carle, Chris Van Dusen for example)
  • Pinterest offers some wonderful ideas for whatever your child is interested in – sensory play, building, legos, art, fine motor, Easter crafts, and many, many more
  • Here is an Easter Egg Hunt Sheet you can print from home and work on with your child.

A few websites to look at:

  1. artfulparent.com – look up rainbow activities
  2. frugalfun4boys.com
  3. adventure-in-a-box.com – look up lego charades/lego Pictionary

When we come back together again we will try to find some fair ways to compensate you for pre-payments you have made.  I do not yet know what that will look like, but please know that we will be as fair as financially possible.

Please tell the children that Miss Ashley, Miss Linda and I miss them very much and can hardly wait for all to be at school together again. 

Sending so much love to all of you,

Miss Stephanie