I have been thinking about you every day and missing your smiles, your stories, your children.  I hope that you are all feeling healthy and not worrying too much. 

I hope that you are managing to do the things you must do without too much stress.  And your children, are they handling this new “normal” without too much anxiety? 

Please feel free to email me if you need to chat or if you would like any ideas (skbernier58@gmail.com). 

So much is still unknown about the path of the corona virus here in Maine.  There are predictions about when the virus will peak in Maine, but hopefully we are really affecting the curve by keeping our distance from one another. 

As of right now, we are planning to stay closed until April 27th, but it is still very much up in the air.  I will continue to send a note each week with an update as well as links to a few activities and resources. 

Please know that my thoughts are with you all and that I very much look forward to be back together again. 

Love, Stephanie

Some links to activities for the week are:

Here is a poem for the children:

O Pussywillows
By Margaret Wise Brown

A small gray kitten
Went walking in spring.

On a moonlit night
You could hear him sing.
To pussywillows
He would sing and purr
Because like kittens
They have soft gray fur.

“Oh pussywillows,”
The kitten would sing
“Gray pussywillows
First sign of spring
You come in the woods
All furry and warm
You bloom in the woods
Then-pouf-you are gone.”

“Oh pussywillows,”
The kitten would purr
“Gray little flowers
All covered in fur
Today you are here
And now you are near
All of a sudden
Must you disappear?”